• My work is about transforming the mistake. In my process, I re-use old canvases, working into layers of paint, actively "damaging" the surface to give each painting a history. The soap which is used to clean brushes was an unexpected discovery.  It eats away layers of paint in what I call "LIFTS"----revealing hidden colors below. The process is completely unpredictable and requires a fearless leap of faith. These ghosts of underlying imagery visually communicate abstract concepts of impermanence and fragility. 
  • My paintings describe the existential condition—the movement between the joy of kinship and the awareness of our separation from one another; our ultimate aloneness. For me, the figure holds the greatest possibility for telling a story through color, form, and gesture  The “remembered landscape” is the perfect vehicle to explore the power of memory and place. 
  • The choices I make between figuration and abstraction, between what is implied and what is revealed, serve to pull the viewer into the surface of the painting and leave them with questions. I strive for emotional honesty in my work and rely on an intuitive sense of color and an immediacy of gesture to achieve it.    My goal is to affirm a more authentic concept of beauty while making art that evokes a sense of mystery.  My paintings are the fields upon which my spirit shadow boxes; control versus letting go, fear versus trust, infused with human sadness yet “… with the birds, they share a longer view.
"The Big Girl" 36x36x2 SOLD

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