fish and prayer new work 2017

 "Fish and Prayer" 36 x 36 x 2 unframed $1850

"Everglades" 24x24  framed $1250

commander in sheep. 30x30 oil #1450

 "Mississippi Morning" 36 x 36 x 2 unframed    $1850 

cows standing in still waters 30x30 oil  $1450

"Commander in Sheep" 30x30 framed  $1450

AVAILABLE ART new abstract florals and cows FOR SALE

please contact  the artist via to inquire about purchasing a painting

"Vase of Heavy Poppies". 36x36 oil, Rustoleum, Murphy's oil soap, framed in ebony wood   $1495.00
''Poppies in tall vase'' 24x12x2 framed   $495.00
"Flowers in vase'' 30x30. framed, oil 2017            $1295.00 
"House Divided" 36x36 x 2 (framed) oil, Rustoleum.     $1495.00

"poppies in tall vase 2" 24x12x2, (framed) $495.00
"Watery Vase" 20x16x2 (framed) oil  2017.  $395.00


I believe that what you discard or cover up in a painting is as important as what remains visible. The impetus behind every mark I make on the canvas is to “transform the mistake". I re-use old canvases, actively damaging and rebuilding the surface to affirm a concept of beauty in which our scars make us complex and whole. I have been refining an experimental technique for removing layers of paint which I call a lift. This unorthodox process reveals ghosts of underlying imagery and has become my own form of storytelling: visually communicating abstract concepts of impermanence and fragility. The process is completely unpredictable. By giving up control, I am forced to stay lighthearted and adaptable to the paintings evolution. There is liberation in non-attachment, and it is this irreverence which has, at its core, a fearless leap of faith.



sketched in figures,added tone, added soap for first reveal,washed with water

(detail) added light blue scumbling,tightening and defining overall design,  keeping to a limited palette of warm pinkbrowns



Togetherness at Riverfront art Gallery SOLD OUT

Curious Pony 30x30
RIVERFRONT ART GALLERY      Downtown Petaluma

Voted “Petaluma People’s Choice" award 2012, 2016.                                                          Voted “Best of the North Bay” by Bohemian readers 2008-2013 
Hours: Thursday through Sunday 11am-6pm, and 11am-8pm on Friday,  Saturday.

Togetherness 36x36

                              Sunset Ponies. 30x30

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SOLD WORKS (Everything)

Please enjoy the Video describing my process. 

Find my work at Riverfront Art Gallery on Petaluma Blvd 
and Studio 333  at 333 Caledonia street in Sausalito.

Collectors will be pleased to find paintings at extraordinary prices reflecting my debut in the Sonoma art scene after a three year hiatus.

SOLD: Sebastopal Sheep, Three Dancers

California Highway One 36 x 36.   SOLD. Riverfront Gallery in Petaluma

Woman Tying Paper Lantern 48x48.   SOLD

Pony and Crow 36x60   Studio 333 Sausalito    SOLD

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solo exhibition photos nieto fine art

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excerpt from art

Georgianne Fastaia artist art
"dripping paint, hidden faces, lots of texture, familiar and strange" Clare Coppel . "Georgianne has refined, nuanced and perfected her own unique style . Good art. See for yourself."Alan Bamberger

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Last day of Evocations of Mystery June 7th 2012

Thank you to the Friends and Patrons who have supported me through the years. 

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