Togetherness at Riverfront art Gallery SOLD OUT

Curious Pony 30x30
RIVERFRONT ART GALLERY      Downtown Petaluma

Voted “Petaluma People’s Choice" award 2012, 2016.                                                          Voted “Best of the North Bay” by Bohemian readers 2008-2013 
Hours: Thursday through Sunday 11am-6pm, and 11am-8pm on Friday,  Saturday.

Togetherness 36x36

                              Sunset Ponies. 30x30

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SOLD WORKS (Everything)

Please enjoy the Video describing my process. 

Find my work at Riverfront Art Gallery on Petaluma Blvd 
and Studio 333  at 333 Caledonia street in Sausalito.

Collectors will be pleased to find paintings at extraordinary prices reflecting my debut in the Sonoma art scene after a three year hiatus.

SOLD: Sebastopal Sheep, Three Dancers

California Highway One 36 x 36.   SOLD. Riverfront Gallery in Petaluma

Woman Tying Paper Lantern 48x48.   SOLD

Pony and Crow 36x60   Studio 333 Sausalito    SOLD

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interview in milkshakes and margaritas


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excerpt from art

Georgianne Fastaia artist art
"dripping paint, hidden faces, lots of texture, familiar and strange" Clare Coppel . "Georgianne has refined, nuanced and perfected her own unique style . Good art. See for yourself."Alan Bamberger

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Last day of Evocations of Mystery June 7th 2012

Thank you to the Friends and Patrons who have supported me through the years. 

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dyptich seacliff at nieto fine art

California Highway One.  diptych (2 at 36x36) SOLD

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From Gale Mckee

Greetings Friends and Patrons,
I appreciate the support and enthusiasm of all who have bought my paintings over the years, and would love to hear from you.! If you would like to contribute to a book project about my art.. published to coincide with my solo show, any expression will be gratefully received. What inspired you to purchase your painting? What has it added to your life? Please include anything that wish to say, including the name of your (favorite) painting. 

Hi Georgianne,
I would like to contribute to your project:

I first saw your work in the early 2000s at Starbuck's on Bryant St. in SF. I was IMMEDIATELY pulled intothe paintings; I could FEEL the texture, turmoil, and solitude, loneliness of each piece. I was moved.So I HAD to meet you and watch you paint. 

I followed your career for years (especially the "After the Flood" series)  and finally bought two paintings in2010, but wished I had done so earlier! They are hanging in my living room and inspire me every day

!I see/feel something new every time I look at them.
I believe it is because I am able to relate to the pieces, and yet not have everything "spelled out". There is space and a place to "dream" and add your own story. Abstraction and the figure merge in an effortless melange of texture, imperfections, and simplicity at the same time.

I wish you all the best, and look forward to your show and buying the book!
Gale S. McKee


"Do not copy nature too closely. Art is an abstraction. Derive it from nature while dreaming in front of it." Paul Gaugin

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new paintings

"Winter Raven"  12x12 oil 2011 SOLD
"rain cows" 36x36 oil 2011. SOLD
"puddlejumping" 30x30 oil 2011 SOLD

me with you  30x40 oil 2011 SOLD

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  In July 2009 my painting
"Ballerina” was featured in


Robert Genn: The World of Icons (featured response)
The Painter's keys
"Personal icons as everyday saints"by Georgianne Fastaia, SF, CA, USA

Trinidad<br>original painting<br>20 x 20 inches by Georgianne Fastaia
Trinidad    original painting 20 x 20 inches
Santeras means "Saint maker" or one who paints saints, as in the Russian 
tradition of self-taught artists painting naive religious icons after devout
prayer. There is a difference between making an icon, and having it
become the object of worship, and making a representation that expresses
a truth about God. We cannot depict the Father, the Holy Spirit, or the Trinity.
Herein lies the contradiction of faith, both invisible and boundless, yet evidenced
through our very real humanity.

I set out to describe my faith through a Child's eye. In creating this series I became 
a santera: a saint maker interpreting the holy moments of each day. Inspired by the
joy of my infant daughter Sophie, I relied on the spirit to move through me to create
raw childlike images infused with feeling. Many figures float in a timeless space in
which their bodies are painted as shimmering vessels for their hearts. If we reveal
our spiritual nature when we release our fear of difference and our sense of
separateness from one another, then it is inevitable that in the figures grew increasing 
similar and androgynous in each new work. I'm particularly fascinated by images
of triplets - as a metaphor for aspects of us - the trinity depicted as three male figures
dancing or floating together as one body. Or as three women, often with one or more
painted over but still faintly visible. These are everyday saints, personal icons
depicting mysteries of joy.


Unraveling the poetry of the soul
by Georgianne Fastaia, San Francisco, CA, USA 
Barns midday oil 48 x 48 2008
My joys are equal only to my capacity for sorrow. In this deep well are the
waters in which I swim to meet a shining and vibrating light, my constant 
companion through long nights. The job of the artist is to translate with
conviction and clarity the inchoate longings we all feel for that which i
s authentic and true: to unravel the poetry of the soul.

"Like a saint's vision of beatitude. Like the veil of things as they seem drawn
back by an unseen hand. For a second you see—and seeing the secret, are
the secret. For a second there is meaning! Then the hand lets the veil fall
and you are alone, lost in the fog again, and you stumble on toward 
nowhere, for no good reason!" (Eugene O'Neill, Long Day's Journey into Night )

comments for Unraveling the poetry of the soul by Georgianne FastaiaFrom: Darrell Baschak -- Aug 25, 2009
Georgianne, your painting is extraordinary, it is apparant that you have the wherewithal to paint your inner most visions.

Unraveling the poetry of the soul
by Georgianne Fastaia, San Francisco, CA, USA 

Orisha of freshwater and pearls  36 X 36   OIL 2009
It’s called the Spring Studio Stroll, but I’m exhausted and frustrated. It was no stroll, but a marathon....
Revived, we went to the final venue—Art Explosion at 2425 17th St. near Potrero Avenure. Immediately I noticed Georgianne Fastaia’s large, evocative oils, part of a series celebrating the Orishas. Ah, an immigrant’s point of view, I thought. Yes, from Brooklyn, she said. What an eye.