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Please enjoy the Video describing my process. 

Find my work at The Riverfront Art Gallery on Petaluma Blvd 
and Studio 333  at 333 Caledonia street in Sausalito.

Collectors will be pleased to find all paintings at extraordinary prices reflecting my debut in the Sonoma art scene after a three year hiatus.

SOLD: Sebastopal Sheep, Three Dancers

California Highway One 36 x 36 oil  2012   $1200 at Riverfront Gallery in Petaluma

Find  more large paintings on display at STUDIO 333 at 333 Caledonia Street in Sausalito
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Pony and Crow 36x60  oil 2015   $2800   Studio 333 Sausalito

BadfishStudios Art Blog: Home


Art critic Brian Sherwin commented on Georgianne Fastaia's paintings, stating, "I enjoy the physicality of Georgianne's process and methods. The raw quality of her paintings capture a psychological vibe that begs me to think about the meaning behind the images – and the visual relationship between the artist and viewer." Sherwin added, "These works provide viewers with a raw narrative... one that is both alluring and haunting."

''HIGHWAY ONE,' 36x72, oil 2012, dyptich  2 36x36 panels $3500 each     SALE  $2500 each

I believe that to make art with all the questions answered deprives the viewer of the joy of participating in the act of creation.The primary subject of my work is the existential condition. I use abstracted forms to explore the movement between the joy of kinship and our ultimate alone-ness. The choices I make between figuration and abstraction, between what is implied and what is revealed, serve to pull the viewer into the paintings surface and leave them with questions. I strive for emotional honesty in my work and rely on an intuitive sense of color and an immediacy of gesture to achieve it.
One collector told me, “Your paintings remind me that I don't have to be perfect.” This tells me my work can inspire someone to reconsider their beliefs and expand their concept of what a piece of art can give them. I believe that we can transform our lives, and it is our secrets which make us complex and whole. This is the impetus behind every mark I make on the canvas: to “transform the mistake."

In my process, I re-use old canvases, working into layers of paint, actively damaging and rebuilding the surface to give each a "history." My paintings seek to express the tension between chaos and order, between control of ones medium and knowing when to let go. I strive to affirm a more authentic concept of beauty while making paintings that express an evocation of mystery."

Review by Mathew Felix Sun "Georgianne Fastaia's Works Stand Out ".

Her works - mostly figures and landscape or cityscape - have rich textures and great atmosphere. Her figures often boldly claim large portion of the canvases, giving them a sense of timeless monumentality, yet they are abruptly confronted by the edges of the canvases, making them somewhat vulnerable, therefore the complexity of the figures and the paintings palpable. I also detect sense of desolation from her landscape, not dissimilar to those by Edward Hopper, despite the obvious difference of their techniques and subject matters. This sense is particularly obvious in her works painted after Hurricane Katrina.

From Art Patron Traci Scovel


My favorite paintings thus far by Georgianne are Oxum and The Procession.   As a dance enthusiast 
with particular interest in dances from the African Diaspora, Oxum spoke to me as soon as I saw 
the painting from afar.  I knew it would be mine without even having seen her up close or 
really knowing who the figure represented, again my initial view was from afar and in passing, really.

The textures, colors, subtleties, grace, power, essence of mother, sensuality and so much more
 are captured in Georgianne's painting--these are among many of Oxum's attributes.  Oxum, 
a goddess in the Yoruba Lucumi tradition of Nigeria and by way of the middle passage, alive 
and well in places like Brazil, Cuba and Haiti, holds a very special place in my heart.  Every 
day I give thanks to "Iyalode" for the many blessings she brings, the opportunities she presents
 and even the challenges and heartbreak I experience at points in my life.  These experiences are 
what make us stronger, effective, compassionate, contributing beings and so I am grateful.


'RED FREIGHTER''24x24 oil 2009 $1200  SALE $600

''POMPEII' '24x24 oil 2009 $900.  SALE $450


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