ballerina girl art

"Ballerinas Secret" 36 x 24 oil 2009    
" Ballerina"  30 x 60 acrylic  2001

Why Ballerinas?

 In July 2009 my painting "Ballerina” was featured in ELLE DECOR. Ballerina Girl Art  was created to meet the requests from  people all over the country wanting "more ballerinas!"

What is it about Ballerinas that captures the imagination of little girls?

Ballerina Girl Art celebrates the moment a little girl twirls around in her tutu: entranced.   In your Ballerina Girl Art painting you will discover the sense of awkward beauty of young girls coming into their first awareness of the feminine mystique.  Ballerina Girl Art goes “beyond Degas”; offering fresh interpretation of the ballerina girl theme.  I am drawn to compositions which capture the innocence, mystery and grace of these tiny dancers.

These paintings are modern in their composition and paint handling. I have refined a unique distressing process which gives each painting an antiqued texture, serving as a bittersweet visual reminder of a moment in time passing.

The Original Ballerina Girl, my daughter and inspiration, Sophie Lee

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Reflected City 24 x24 oil 08 

About these paintings:

A square with a triangle atop it is one of the first visual symbols a child draws. These naively rendered houses represent our memory of and longing for home. As the series evolved, these symbols of home became more elongated, abstract, and totemic while "the Flood" itself evolved into a metaphor for displacement. My challenge has been to translate this sense of loss and disembodiment into the language of paint-- texture, composition, and color.

I have given each painting a “history” through a long distressing process: scrubbing, scraping, and wiping away to reveal shadows, faded colors, and echoes or ghosts of underlying imagery. This creates surfaces in which most of the information is buried below layers of paint, visually communicating the concept of impermanence, time passing, erosion.

I use composition deliberately to reinforce a sense of our smallness against the "bigness of nature" by placing most of the information in the bottom of the canvas, dwarfed by the sky. Multiple horizon lines shift the imagery into the center of the picture plain, as if floating, with houses reflected in the sky; a composition designed to dislocate the viewer from his normal frame of reference.

The emotional use of Color plays an important part in creating mood. I use a palette of somber violets, green-grays and translucent layers of milky color to convey the quality of light after a storm, the thick saturated air that I recall growing up along the Connecticut shore.
Disembodied 30 x 30

remains of new orleans 30 x 30 oil 08
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Nieto Fine Art

I am happy to share that you can find my work at NIETO FINE ART. Please stop in to this beautiful Gallery when downtown. It is located at 595 Sutter street,directly below the HANG Annex. 

Nieto Fine Art 
565 Sutter Street  
at Powell



Muslim Girls on bench  36x24  sold

Much thanks to ART SPAN  and MISSION ARTISTS UNITED for their efforts at bringing Art directly to the public

A special thanks to Alan Bamberger of for covering so many art openings every year, to Stephen Wagner ofSF Artists Network, Mike Yokum for his work with ArtSpan and  SF ART NEWS, and Owen Geronimo at SF ARTFORUM

the sf international art fair

 Sandra Lee Gallery  included a few of my paintings at the  2010 SF International Art Fair where "Late for the Party" sold the first night.