Orisha Goddesses of Brazil

Brand new figurative series, CANDOMBLE: the Orisha Goddesses of Brazil

Known as "Santeria" in Cuba and as “Candomble” in Brazil. The Orishas are considered Santos “saints” responsible for different parts of life with different attributes and myths attached.Three freed female slaves in Bahia Salvador, Brazil began worshipping the forbidden African religion by merging Orishas with Catholic Saints until they were allowed to worship freely. Slaves in America were criminalized for practicing their religion. It is said that is why Brazil got the Samba and the America got the Blues…

inspiration for ORISHA Series: CANDOMBLE



Changó’s favorite wife, she left his brother, the blacksmith Ogun, after he tried to force her to work in his forge, but not before stealing his tools (customarily seen as adornments for her crown). She fights next to Changó in war, and she guards the gates to the cemetery as well as to the marketplace; she is the hurricane that destroys in order to create. Her relationship to the ancestors is indexed by the use of rainbow colors in the clothing of her initiates and in altar displays.

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Caboclo spirit, Cachoei