coda jazz and supper club

mother of saint 36 x 3 1500 horizon 30x 30 oil 900

just a perfect day

feeling much better, paintings coming along.

the you tube clips are the music i listened to while creating the series. listen. you will get a glimpse of the feelings conveyed through the music to the paint.

"Whom will you cry to, heart? More and more lonely,
your path struggles on through incomprehensible mankind.
All the more futile perhapsfor keeping to its direction,
keeping on toward the future,
toward what has been lost.

Once. You lamented...
What was it?
A fallen berry of jubilation, unripe.
But now the whole tree of my jubilation is breaking,
in the storm it is breaking,
my slow tree of joy.
Loveliest in my invisible landscape,
you that made me more known to the invisible angels." Rainier Maria Rilke

this sound sad as my heart

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my joys are equal only to my capacity for sorrow. in this deep well are the waters in which i swim to meet a shining and vibrating light, my constant companion through long nights. the job of the artist is to translate with conviction and clarity the inchoate longings we all feel for that which is authentic and true:to unravel the poetry of the soul.

"Like a saint's vision of beatitude. Like the veil of things as they seem drawn back by an unseen hand. For a second you see—and seeing the secret, are the secret. For a second there is meaning! Then the hand lets the veil fall and you are alone, lost in the fog again, and you stumble on toward nowhere, for no good reason! "
Eugene O'Neill (Long Day's Journey into Night)

priestess 36 x 36

Oxum orisha of beauty 36 x 36 oil 09
Oxum's dance recalls her bathing in a waterfall, and summoning the forces that control pregnancy and childbirth. The young woman possessed by Oxum dances alongside her mother.

Oxum likes beauty, and devotes her life to it. She is also the goddess of love and fertility, and looks after newborns up to the age of about 4. The city of Salvadore in Brazil is believed to be run by Oxum; it is said its people love the good things in life.

bahia salvador processiofesitival of oxum 36 x 36