I began painting in 2001, at age thirty-seven during a crossroads in my life. While I'd never made art before, I found the process to be an intuitive natural expression and in 2002 began selling my work through open studios, local cafes, and consignment galleries.Most of my sales are to first time art buyers. One collector told me, “Your paintings remind me that I don't have to be perfect.” This tells me my work can inspire someone to reconsider their beliefs, and expand their concept of what a piece of art can give them.I believe that we can transform our lives, and it is our scars and our secrets which make us complex, beautiful, and whole. This is the impetus behind every mark I make on the canvas: to “transform the mistake”, and to create paintings which are as perfectly flawed and as mysterious as we are. I believe that the positive response to my work is directly related to the incorporation of this message into my medium.

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