ballerina girl art

"Ballerinas Secret" 36 x 24 oil 2009    
" Ballerina"  30 x 60 acrylic  2001

Why Ballerinas?

 In July 2009 my painting "Ballerina” was featured in ELLE DECOR. Ballerina Girl Art  was created to meet the requests from  people all over the country wanting "more ballerinas!"

What is it about Ballerinas that captures the imagination of little girls?

Ballerina Girl Art celebrates the moment a little girl twirls around in her tutu: entranced.   In your Ballerina Girl Art painting you will discover the sense of awkward beauty of young girls coming into their first awareness of the feminine mystique.  Ballerina Girl Art goes “beyond Degas”; offering fresh interpretation of the ballerina girl theme.  I am drawn to compositions which capture the innocence, mystery and grace of these tiny dancers.

These paintings are modern in their composition and paint handling. I have refined a unique distressing process which gives each painting an antiqued texture, serving as a bittersweet visual reminder of a moment in time passing.

The Original Ballerina Girl, my daughter and inspiration, Sophie Lee

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